You are the navigator on your very own ship. Plot a course between the start and end station. Fly for speed or fly for fuel efficiency, but try not to run out of fuel!


Planets pull your ship towards their center. Try to use this to your advantage when you need to gain speed or perform a turn. Planets come in various sizes and densities. The bigger the size and density the more gravity the planet has to pull you in. Avoid crashing into them.


You will encounter marooned astronauts in your travels that require rescue. Your primary mission objective is to pick them up and bring them home safely.


Some planets have moons which orbit the planet. Moons are a source of moving gravity and are also a major collision hazard.


Mysterious energy clusters have been discovered deep in space that repel anything that comes close. Scientists have not been able to fully explain them yet, but their effect is essentially the opposite of gravity.

Fuel Cans

Picking up a fuel can will fill your fuel tank. These are essential for longer flights, but use caution when making a course because they may be out of the way and not worth grabbing.


Space mines will activate if you fly within their activation circle and chase you down. Be sure you have enough speed to escape or ditch them into a nearby planet with quick maneuvers.

Black Holes

Black holes are sources of gravity that are movable around the map by you, the navigator. Place them at the perfect location to help you gain speed or make a turn to accomplish your mission.


Using wormholes you can instantly travel to another part of space. Wormholes are great for losing mines, changing direction without using fuel, and reaching light speeds when you use black holes very close to the wormhole entrance.


UFOs show up on some missions to try and abduct astronauts before you have a chance to save them. If any UFO is successful you will fail the mission. The UFOs will always use a tractor beam on the closest astronaut that isn't already being beamed by a closer UFO. They are also highly vulnerable to space mines.

Laser Walls

Laser Walls are a network of impenetrable force fields. Your ship will explode if it tries to pass through a force field, but the force fields also protect your ship from incoming mines and lasers. Only the UFOs tractor beam technology is known to be able to safely transfer astronauts through a Laser Wall.


Turrets are another remnant from the Universal War and they are seeking to destroy. They will immediately track and fire at your ship as soon as it leaves the hangar. Their lasers aim to destroy your ship but may instead take out mines, astronauts, fuel, UFOs, and even other turrets.