Gravitations is a space-themed puzzle game emphasizing player-created content. The player is challenged to navigate his/her ship through a universe of unique, user-created missions. The Gravitations platform provides a toolset for players to create, share, rate, and solve missions. The game will be launched simultaneously to both the Apple App Store and the web.


The object of solving a mission is to get the ship to the goal space station using a limited amount of fuel. The player sets waypoints, or beacons, which dictates the path the ship will take. A smooth path is generated from the beacons and the ship will automatically follow this path to the goal station. The quality of the path and how it interacts with gravity sources, such as planets, determines the amount of fuel consumed on the voyage. A mission may contain other objects such as lost astronauts that require rescue, explosive mines to avoid, or fuel canisters to replenish your fuel thus adding to the complexity of the path required. Players experience varied levels of success. One can simply solve missions for completion, try to achieve the fastest time, or try to set the most fuel efficient route.


The success of Gravitations hinges on the ability of our players to create their own missions to share with the community. The mission editor provides players with all of the tools necessary to make any mission imaginable. Attributes of mission objects are edited and positioned on the level by the player. Mission objects include planets, moons, anti-gravity sources, black hole generators, astronauts, fuel canisters, and mines. Some players choose to explore their creativity and create aesthetically pleasing missions while others may make very technical challenging missions. Once the creator plays his/her mission and proves that it is solvable, he/she may submit it the mission making it available for all players to play online. The difficulty of the mission is automatically assigned based on the percentage of players able to solve it. Players can rate missions allowing the best missions to rise to the top. Missions are filterable by difficulty and rating so that players can find the type of missions they want to play. Mission creators will enjoy seeing the various unlimited solutions that the community makes.


Explore is an alternative mode of gameplay where the player controls the ship directly without the use of paths. Players explore a large preset galaxy and try to find all of the lost astronauts hidden within. Players get a feel for the forces of gravity which can help them in solving other missions.


A thriving community of online players is a central focus of Gravitations because players create most of the content. The more players there are the more content there will be in the game, increasing the value of the game for everyone. The difficulty and rating systems provides a mean for the best player created content to rise to the top and be easily accessible to the community.